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Thoughts on the Human Spiritual Journey by Guest Speaker Elic Llewellyn

Longtime friend to Spindletop, Elic Llewellyn is a poet, singer/songwriter/guitarist/religious studies scholar and educator.  He is is a member of the Theosophical Society, was consecrated as a bishop of the Free Liberal Catholic Church, is a brother of and co-presiding bishop of The Free Sacramentalist Communion (an ecumenical religious order), and is an active member of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies. 

Elic will share with us his own spiritual journey and also the broader subject of the human spiritual journey itself, particularly in light of new knowledge. We are dimly aware we live in a quantum universe, but are still functioning with Cartesian mindsets. We are in an in-between age in which it is far more difficult to find meaning than was the case for our ancestors. It is our existential crisis.