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Stories for All Ages by Spindletop Member Cathy Allen

Every Sunday service we include a “story for all ages” that is read to the children before they go to Sunday school.  There is a reason we call it “story for all ages” instead of “children’s story.”  Have you ever noticed that the adults enjoy the stories as much as if not more than the children?  A well written children’s story with a good message can be as inspirational and uplifting to us as a sermon written for the “grownups.”

As Sunday school teacher, Cathy gets to enjoy the story for all ages and then find and read even more wonderful stories to the children in class.  She has picked several of the best stories she has come across to put together a service demonstrating our 7 UU principles in story.  In honor of the phrase “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood,” let’s all enjoy story time together!

*The service with be multi-generational, with the children staying for the whole service instead of being dismissed to Sunday school.  And it's also Share and Give Sunday so bring your covered dish and nonperishable food donation!