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The Historical Jesus, Hiding in Plain View: A Non-Orthodox Perspective. by Spindletop Member Elic Llewellyn

On the basis of his over 40 years of Christological study Elic will present his views on the escape into Egypt, possible connections with Buddhist missionaries and thought, the missing years, his misunderstood social status, a previous encounter with Pontius Pilate, whether Jesus was married, the relationship with Barabbas and with the twelve, how and why we've misunderstood his philosophy, his purported resurrection and the consequences of his life. 

Elic Llewellyn is a poet, singer/songwriter/guitarist/religious studies scholar and educator.  He is is a member of the Theosophical Society, was consecrated as a bishop of the Free Liberal Catholic Church, is a brother of and co-presiding bishop of The Free Sacramentalist Communion (an ecumenical religious order), and is an active member of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies and a retired bishop of The Liberal Catholic Church, an ultra-progressive Christian-Universalist denomination established in 1916. .